Meg (sporty_girl23) wrote in lovely_geeks,

-Name/Age/Gender: Meg/15/female
-Location: Nebraska
-Hobbies:sports, writing, drawing
-Sexual Preference:straight

-Bands/Artists: Any list I can give you would be incomplete, but most recently I've been listening to Something Corporate, My Chemical Romance, Rascal Flatts, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Rage Against The Machines...I listen to a lot of different stuff
-Food & Drinks: Starbuck's Coffee Almond Fudge ice cream and Bawls
-TV Shows: That 70's Show, Saved By The Bell, The Daily Show
-Movies:Almost Famous, Fight Club, Virgin Suicides, That Thing You Do, Gone in 60 Seconds
-Stores: Scheels (it's like an athletic department store), The Black Market, American Eagle
-Quote: loving you is living in shades of grace
-Painting/piece of art: I'm gonna drop you guys a link because it is a little big. The picture is from a scene in Final Fantasy X. I absolutely love anime and especially the FF games. I think this picture is gorgeous.

-Homosexuality & Gay Marriage: Gay marriage and homosexuality wouldn't be a big deal if there weren't so many people that don't like it and find it uncomfortable. There are so many people out there who only see it as an act...the act of being gay, the act of being sexually active with someone of the same gender. I wish people would be able to see that it is love, too. It's about feeling compassion and getting butterflies in your stomach when you hear their name about another's about caring for someone else. It's the same thing, but with the same sex instead of the opposite. The people who put up a big fight need to realize that it is THEIR issue that they need to get over and NOT the gay person or persons.
-Sex before marriage: Keeping in mind that sex before marriage can be any age, I don't have a problem with it. It is a personal choice that people make for themselves and they are the ones who will suffer any consequences that might arise. The only part of it that I find completely annoying is the people who are reckless about it and don't intend on following through. If you are going to have sex before you are married, you should at least be ready for anything that could come from it. If you are going to be active, you should take the precautions you want to take and if you get knocked up, step up and take responsibility--don't completely depend on you mother or father or anyone else. Don't be stupid about it.
-Abortion:I am very divided on the issue. I'm leaning more towards life, though, and this is why. On one hand I think that the person who is pregnant and wants to have an abortion shouldn't just because it's inconvenient. Babies don't choose how or when they get created and they should have a chance at life no matter what...but then I think about the girls who get raped. They should have a chance at life, too, right? It wasn't their own fault and it could very well ruin their lives and everything they had going for them. I guess in the end, I think that it is better for the baby to get a chance at life then to have the parent's lives to get tossed up a bit.
-Bush: I think he is a lot smarter then he lets on to the world.
-UN (United Nations): I don't know a lot about the UN, but I'm still learning.
-War against terror: It isn't a war against terror anymore. I think we are way past the point where we should have backed the fuck off. The way America has treated the other countries, no wonder people fear and hate us sometimes.
-Post a picture of who you think is absolutely gorgeous. Angelina Jolie is stunning. Once again, the picture is big and so i'll give you a link

-Where did you hear about us/user? Just through a livejournal search
-Where were you rejected from? I haven't been rejected, but then again I've only been in two application communities
-If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be and why? My teeth because the bottom row is sort of crooked. It's not horrible, but trying to fix it would take too long. Plus, with soccer if I get hit in the face and I have braces, blood it EVERYWHERE.
-What are 3 words that describe you?
- Funny
- Sarcastic
- Active
-If you were to be labeled, what would your label be? I don't know what one label I would be. I'm a lot of very different things, but people at school mostly associate me with soccer, so jock I guess
-Why should you be accepted? I'm really interested in things like livejournal and myspace. I give it a lot of time and when I am focusing on it, I put a lot of thought into it. I would be a good addition to this community because I would make interesting (not annoying) posts that are about things worth your while. I don't like people who waste my time, so I am not going to waste yours.

[The really fun part]
-Say something really random: If there is such a thing as a butter burger, do people make margarine burgers?
-Say something we wouldn’t know about you yet: I met Antonio Banderos and Melanie Griffith
-Tell us a random fact: Red cars get pulled over more than any other color.
-Say something intelligent: Too often people get stuck on the idea that they need to take care of someone else when really all they need to help them. There is a huge difference between taking care of and helping. In the long run, taking complete care of someone will make things harder for them someday. If you never let someone come to their own decisions, they'll have trouble when the times comes where they have to.

- Post three or more CLEAR pictures of yourself. no exceptions!

-Promote us in three places. Please provide a link.

[Suck up]
- who is your favorite mod/member and why? givemeindi3rock...because I found your picture lovely
- post their picture:
- vote for member of the week: I dont know what that means...I dont' know any of the members
- post their picture:n/a

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