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sup loser?

[Basics] -Name/Age/Gender: Tori , 15 almost 16 , Female -B-day: 8/11/89 -Location: Charlotte , NC -Hobbies: Listenin to music, tryin' to play guitar , softball , LaX , hanging with friends.. -Sexual Preference: Straight [Favorites] -Bands/Artists: Brand New , Unwritten Law , Yellowcard , The Killers , Goo Goo Dolls , AAR... -Food & Drinks: Sweet Tea, Bojangles , Wendys , i'm a sucker for chinese :) -TV Shows: One Tree Hill , Gilmore Girls -Movies: The Notebook , Serendipity , A Cinderella Story , 13 Going on 30 , Napoleon Dynamite -Stores: American Eagle , Hollister , A&F , Urban Outfitters -Quote: "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game" -Painting/piece of art: (optional picture to be provided)Van Gogh - Starry Sky [Opinions] -Homosexuality & Gay Marriage: It's fine with me.. We have the right to pursuit of happiness , so go for it. The world didn't come to an end when Rosie got married ... so i think we'll be okay. And just because it's not your choice doesn't make it wrong. -Sex before marriage: Uh if you feel like you want to do that then go ahead. But it's all based on your beliefs and if your ready to handle the consequences. -Abortion: Only should be used in cases of rape and if the mother/baby will be hurt in process. Otherwise there is no point and you need to learn to be responsible for your actions. -Bush: Uh he's our president but I don't like him..he has ideas that i don't agree with. -UN (United Nations): Uh idk. -War against terror: It's just stupid. We did our job by getting Saddam out so i don't think we should be there anymore. -Post a picture of who you think is absolutely gorgeous. [Questions] -Where did you hear about us/user? Your a sister to another community -Where were you rejected from? Nowhere yet..but i'm sure it'll be somewhere. -If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be and why? My skin. Ugh my skin. It's so sensitive and i breakout easily. -What are 3 words that describe you? - fun to be around - sweet - understanding -If you were to be labeled, what would your label be? I guess a prep. B/c of how i dress.. -Why should you be accepted? B/c i'm nice and sweet and i'm not like a lot of people and I'm just unique and a cool person? [The really fun part] -Say something really random: Silly camel cocoa puffs are for kids. (Idk?) haha -Say something we wouldn’t know about you yet: I'm addicted to country music. -Tell us a random fact: Eggplants are berries. -Say something intelligent: I'm really worried about our country , we don't necessarily need help , but we do. We've gotten ourself into a debt that we cannot , by ourselves , get out of. As a unit we've made decisions that neglect our own needs. I refuse to blame our problems on our President only because he is a representation of the country as a whole. [Pictures] - Post three or more CLEAR pictures of yourself. no exceptions! [Promote] -Promote us in three places. Please provide a link. [Suck up] - who is your favorite mod/member and why? dearblckgoodbye -- she's gorgeous. - post their picture: - vote for member of the week - xstandonatablex - post their picture: Uh couldn't find one. Just thought they were cool though.. kthxgoodluck!
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