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sup loser

-Name/Age/Gender:Elizabeth Bentley/14/Female
-Location:Simpsonville,South Carolina
-Hobbies:golf,being me,hanging out with friends,loving life,being you know weird
-Sexual Preference:straight

-Bands/Artists:The Used,The Ramones,Hot Hot Heat,HELLOGOODBYE,The Clash,AFI,Fall Out Boy,Taking Back Sunday
-Food & Drinks:mac and cheese,pizza,chicken,and deserts/dr.pepper,gatorade,coke,mountian dew
-TV Shows:Family Guy,anything on MTV,Spongebob Squarepants,Freaks&Geeks, and CSI
-Movies:anything with adam sandler,Bring it On,Monty Python and the Holy Grail,The Breakfast Club,Sixteen Candles,The Sandlot
-Stores:American Eagle,Pac Sun,Hot Topic,Journey's,and Goodwill
-Quote:"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is not my batman cup"~~Peter,Family Guy
-Painting/piece of art:Vincent Van Gogh~Starry Night

-Homosexuality & Gay Marriage:i think that the government has been spending to much time revolved around something that is a person's decison i think it is perfectly normal and perfectly sane if a person likes someone of the same sex and i think that it is that person's business and not anyone elses
-Sex before marriage:i think that it is fine in some cases espically if you love the person and you are well protected
-Abortion:well in some cases like i believe in the morning after pill and such things but not in other cases
-Bush:um... i don't like Bush very much i mean he has good points and bad points but his bad points overrule his good points
-UN (United Nations):i think they need to start paying more attention to things that are happening around us they aren't doing a very good job
-War against terror:I HATE WAR unless its necassary but then i still hate it.
-Post a picture of who you think is absolutely gorgeous.

-Where did you hear about us/user?from the user alotacolada and mayawaya
-Where were you rejected from?i havent been rejected from anywhere yet
-If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be and why?-um.. my height i would want to be taller
-What are 3 words that describe you?
- geeky
- funny
- loud
-If you were to be labeled, what would your label be?-normal
-Why should you be accepted?i should be accepted because i am one of the most random people you will ever meant and i am also funny and sometimes a bit geeky and i would be a fantastic addition to this community and i love to chat and talk

[The really fun part]
-Say something really random: did you know that mercury is a planet?
-Say something we wouldn’t know about you yet:um... i have a boyfriend named ryan
-Tell us a random fact:cheese comes from cows
-Say something intelligent:e=mc squared

- Post three or more CLEAR pictures of yourself. no exceptions!

-Promote us in three places. Please provide a link.

[Suck up]
- who is your favorite mod/member and why?m favortie member is offbeatgirrl because she seems like a person that would make me laugh
- post their picture:
- vote for member of the week: offbeatgirrl
- post their picture:

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