Jenn (xstandonatablex) wrote in lovely_geeks,

Stamped//Hair Help

I thought this would be an awesome place to ask about this since it's such an open and stylish community.

It's been almost a year since I honest cut my hair. I had a few trims here and there, but last spring I cut off over a foot for Locks of Love. My hair went from waist length to about shoulder length. My hair is about four or five inches past my shoulders now after a year.

This Saturday, I'm getting my hair cut.

I have something in mind, but I'm not really sure how it would be. I was going to go for something that would be functional and not bad looking either. I'm going to be a CIT at a camp this summer for several weeks so I was going to go for something shorter and out of the way. Many of you have similiar hair cuts to the ball park for what I'm thinking.

Would just off of the shoulders [inch or so] and in layers be alright looking for fine hair and be out of the way enough? Also, would it be ponytail length by autumn?

Thank you. :)
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