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sup loser?

-Name/Age/Gender: Erin/18/female
-B-day: July 28
-Location: Ontario, Canada
-Hobbies: writing (plays, songs and poetry), film making, singing,
-Sexual Preference: Straight

-Bands/Artists: liam lynch, common rotation, tenacious d, senses fail, ted leo and the pharmacists, ghost of the robot, relient k, rufus wainwright, queen, postal service, death cab, jason mraz, feist, blood brothers... and more!
-Food & Drinks: i'm a sucker for chinese food (and suckers), chocolate milk (with 2 straws), and any of the various kinds of Reese candy (pieces, cups, sticks, bites... GIMME THEM ALL!!)
-TV Shows: most of them aren't even on anymore!! Sifl and Olly Show, Brendan Leonard Show, Ellen, Conan, Queer Eye, Buffy, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Jackass, undergrads, wildboyz, viva la bam, family guy, life on a stick (well *I* think it's funny)
-Movies: any Python film, coffee and cigarettes, army of darkness, a fish called wanda, the rutles, the princess bride, jackass, robin hood men in tights,
-Stores: Value Village, Soundtrax, Tony's One Stop Music Shoppe, Chapters, Spencers, and any toy store I can get my hands on
-Quote: "It's when you cry just a little, but you laugh in the middle, that you've made it"
-Painting/piece of art: (optional picture to be provided)
Image hosted by

-Homosexuality & Gay Marriage: I have nothing against homosexuality. I have many gay friends and family members. However, because of my religion I cannot support gay marriage.
-Sex before marriage: This is a matter of personal preference. I for one though am waiting until I'm married.
-Abortion: Believe what you want but that fetus is alive. I personally can't justify killing another living thing.
-Bush: Is a complete and utter moron.
-UN (United Nations): I don't know much about the UN except the WFP branch (world food program). I had a chance to do a bit of voulenteer work with them when I was in Zambia, and they do amazing things.
-War against terror: Is ridiculous. If it was a war on terror.. shouldn't they still be in Afghanistan finding the one that started it and not terrorizing a new country?
-Post a picture of who you think is absolutely gorgeous.
matt thiessen of Relient K
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-Where did you hear about us/user? the amazing community awesome360
-Where were you rejected from? i haven't applied to a rating community in a long time... i can't remember what it was called.. but there's been a few
-If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be and why? probably my weight. i am happy with myself despite being "plus sized", but somethings would be so much easier if i were a bit thinner... like finding jeans that fit.
-What are 3 words that describe you?
- eccentric
- facetious
- dreamer
-If you were to be labeled, what would your label be? i definately fall into the "drama geek" category
-Why should you be accepted? because i REALLY want to be a part of this awesome community, and I can make you some sweet stuff with my graphic making skills

[The really fun part]
-Say something really random: caribou jerky is saltier than the regular cow kind.
-Say something we wouldn’t know about you yet: i have no arches in my feet
-Tell us a random fact: if you get caught in New Hampshire picking up litter you could be fined $150 for "maintaining the national forest without a permit."
-Say something intelligent: "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." - Albert Einstein

- Post three or more CLEAR pictures of yourself. no exceptions!
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Image hosted by
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-Promote us in three places. Please provide a link.
here and

[Suck up]
- who is your favorite mod/member and why? dearblckgoodbye. she seems really cool, she's really cute, and it shows that the other mod doesn't even exist anymore...
- post their picture: Image hosted by
- vote for member of the week: angry___uterus
- post their picture:Image hosted by

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