virgil winthrop sanderson. (darkest_irony) wrote in lovely_geeks,
virgil winthrop sanderson.


okay. so imagine this sweet little old lady, about sixty or so, who wears cute old lady sweaters and skirts every day, barely 5 feet tall and a very frail bone structure. this is my bio teacher, miss hunt.

miss hunt is a genious. she doesn't use a lesson plan. she knows everything by heart. she got a 1600 (perfect score) on her SAT's the VERY FIRST TIME she took them. she is an incredible woman.

well, this seemingly innocent, sweet, kind, loving old woman...

IS IN THE NRA (national rifle association)!!!!

and she competes in shooting competitions. and wins.

imagine, a little old lady in a sweater competing against a bunch of brawny republican men in a shooting contest and kicking their asses.

she is my idol.
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