virgil winthrop sanderson. (darkest_irony) wrote in lovely_geeks,
virgil winthrop sanderson.


sorry this has to be a text only, but...

i'm really creeped out and i need some consolement.

around 9pm EST today...

the phone rang.

i answered. "hello?"

there was a voice. a static voice. it was trying to tell me something but i couldn't make out the words.

i said "hello" a few more times and then hung up.

now, since my callerID doesn't work right now, i picked up the phone so i could *69 the call and find out who it was.

there was no dial tone.

it was just the voice.


and still i couldn't make out the words.

i hung up and picked up a few more times, and each time the voice was still there, trying to communicate with me with those empty words lost in the sounds of static.

then i came online so the phone wouldn't ring again.

(no, that was not a narrative. it really happened to me today.)
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